A New Direction

Hey Coffee Lovers!

It’s been a long time and I’ve been in a major transitional period of my life. I’ve been using my time to adjust. “What could you possibly mean by adjusting, Sara?” I’m glad you asked. Basically, I’ve been wrestling with my faith a lot. God has just placed in positions of complete and total faith in Him. It’s been changing me and my focus. It’s challenged me and my husband to test the boundaries we’ve put with God.

You know how God just does that sometimes? You get comfortable where you are and it feels good, you’re not ready to test any more waters. But God inevitably calls you deeper. That’s where I am.

In this time of just resting wholly in the Lord, I’ve had some crazy conversations with Him. He’s not only pushed me to trust in Him more, but He’s trusted me more. I’m going to open myself up here, but I literally just spent an hour struggling with God. I just stared out across my kitchen table and whispered, “why am I so broken?” God reminded me of my humanity and within that humbled me. We’re all broken, I’m not alone.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed to the point where you’re not even sure what direction you’re supposed to be going? That’s been my life. It feels as though the world is spinning and I’m not sure if it’s stopped or if I’m finally enduring the dizziness.

I think I’m finally able to place a foot down confidently, which is the point of this post. I’ve found where my heart is at and where God is leading me. This just so happens to collide with this beautiful blog I love writing.

Let me tell you my heart…

I’ve always had a passion for studying the bible. It’s why I’ve done internships and why I chose to go to a bible college and pursue ministry. When I was younger I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but I could never decide what I wanted to teach. I followed a path to ministry based on the thought, “it’s what I know, I enjoy it.” But without a definitive¬†purpose.

In my struggles with the Lord and the deep conversations I’ve had over bible studies and late night prayers, I’ve realized I want to teach the bible. I want to share what I discover within God’s word with others. I’m not a grade A scholar of the bible in any way, but I believe the Lord has laid this on my heart.

A New Purpose

Thus, my blog is now going to be repurposed. A Sip of Grace will now focus on the study of scriptures. I’m going to begin devotionals and studies through different books in the bible. I’m really excited and passionate about this direction. I’ve tried to previously stay away from this direction because I was fearful that it wouldn’t reach anyone. I pridefully thought, “who’s as nerdy as me?”

I pray that if you find this blog you can find a devotion that helps you bask in the Lord’s love for you. In whatever struggle, or trial you may find yourself in that these devotions and bible studies speak into it.

God Bless!