Coffee Thoughts: Episode Two

Hello coffee friends. The past week has been insane in Florida. I’ve got my coffee next to me and I’m ready to let loose.

I’d like to say it’s just Florida that has been crazy, but really it’s all over the world. One of my biggest issues is the way everyone turns these tragic events to shine a light elsewhere. Don’t believe me? Let me throw out some examples: politics, gun control, that one church (if you can call it that) which I won’t name. In my own personal opinion, when we give the platform to people who extend hate we’re only extending their outreach. Are you tired of hate? Don’t post about, don’t read about it. What you allow yourself to see, think, act, and speak about becomes your worldview. Guard it carefully.

I think one of our biggest adversaries we face today is social media. We’re able to see all these different stories from everyone’s view. There are many ways this is an awesome thing. Unfortunately, a lot of us use it to share stuff we don’t agree with. We want everyone to know, “I don’t agree with these people, they are crazy.” We have every right to do so, don’t get me wrong. What I’m saying is: is it really worth it? Is it really worth the arguments on Facebook or Twitter? I’m guilty of this too. I see something I believe in and come full force with my emotions, but that’s just not the way it goes. My advice: if you normally wouldn’t talk to said person in real life, don’t comment.

I’m tired of all the politicians too, yes that includes Donald Trump because let’s face it he’s one of them now. I have no idea who to vote for. I don’t like either candidate. There’s not another presidential candidate who’s even making headway, so why waste my vote. I have to choose between two people America is even struggling to accept. Mostly, I’m disappointed in them. One, Hilary Clinton is under federal investigation. Normally, if someone is under investigation they go on leave and don’t get hired anywhere else. Not sure how she’s setting an example for every ex-con across the country, but that’s not how the real world works. Donald Trump, I’m disappointed in how his campaign focuses in on himself.

When a shooting like the massacre in Orlando happens, I want a president who reacts immediately. Not in a fashion of using it to raise themselves up, but to act as support. To stand beside the victims and their families and let them know this country loves them.

America needs a president that will guard it carefully. America needs a president that will nurture it like a sick child back to health. America is sick with hate, fear, and insecurities. We need a new mentality. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. I’m not even saying who I’m voting for. I won’t force you to vote because it’s a personal choice and one we don’t need to shove down each other throats.

What happened in Orlando was a tragedy, but I’m proud of how the community has come together. There has been so much love and support shown to everyone. I’m sure not every story has been told and they don’t have to be. The important part is people coming together to surround hurting people in love. People dropped what they were doing to stand in lines, make baskets, hand out water, make food, the list is endless. This love that America needs exists. There’s proof of it in Orlando, the city beautiful.

I guess what my thoughts are mainly lingering in on today is this: guard your words. I know it’s so easy to read something someone posted on Facebook and get heated. I know it’s easy to overhear something you don’t agree with. I know it’s easy to share something about some hate group. A majority of people don’t agree with said hate group, sharing it only inspires distaste towards that group as well. Though they deserve that, it is not what love is.

It’s not easy to hold back our opinions in a world that says it’s okay to say whatever you want. A majority of the time it is not. Our words hurt others and can in itself produce violence. Guard yourself. Guard your thoughts. Guard your words. Guard what articles you read. Guard the Facebook posts you share.

My words are not sufficient enough to get across this message. But the book of Proverbs in the bible, offers the perfect words and I’ll just leave us with that.

The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. – Proverbs 18:21 NLT




Christina Grimmie, You Are An Inspiration

I don’t want to be the one to bring the bad news, but unfortunately coffee doesn’t fix everything. Today, my coffee is not fixing problems.

Many of you have already read the tragic story of the death of Christina Grimmie. At first, I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was a joke or something. But I remembered hearing something on news about a shooting and connected the two. My brain was completely shocked.


Photo credit to eromarap

For the world, Christina Grimmie was the first YouTube cover artist we connected with. We watched her grow up. We watched her succeed. We watched how humble she continued to be. Christina Grimmie was an example for so many. My brain is still trying to connect how someone could plan to kill such a talented, beautiful, and sweet person.

Christina was 22 years old, 6 months older than I am. It’s hard to even imagine that at such a young age someone could be targeted and shot. This is the world we live in. Although we continue to wonder why things like this happen, there’s no solution made. I’m not going to argue for a solution because I don’t have one. I’m just as confused as the rest of the world as to why this continues to happen.

Here’s what I know: Christina’s story doesn’t need to be overridden by anyone’s agenda. What happened Friday night is a tragedy and a beautiful life was taken.

As I write this I am listening to her singing ‘Christ Alone’. It sets a scary, yet beautiful picture. Grimmie mentions at the beginning of the video that this is one of her favorite songs. I know she is an amazing place now, a place I long to be myself.

When we think of shooting, we often consume ourselves with fear. What I’m trying to get to is don’t let her death consume you with fear. Christina sang about no fear in death in that song. She didn’t fear it, she knew it was coming eventually (granted it came so early). Christina’s death shouldn’t be masked with our fears of gun violence. It should be taken for what it is: a tragic death of beautiful young woman who deserved more.

We could go down the path of anger and vengeance and I promise you I’m struggling with that. But getting angry doesn’t bring Christina back. The only way to revenge her death is to talk about the amazing person she was and who she could have been. What did she live for? What did she sing about? What did she do for the world?

In the song, the lyrics talk about peace and comfort that comes from the love of Christ. I never knew Christina Grimmie or her family, but I know they have comfort in knowing they will see their daughter again. It’s amazing hearing her sing, “till he returns, or calls me home here in the power of Christ I stand”. I have a beautiful imagine and peace about her death. Even despite the horror behind it, what matters to me more than the politics that most people will throw at the situation is that she knew where the final destination was.

I didn’t have to know Christina to know  that someday I will meet her in heaven. I don’t know what it’s like, but she does now and I’m sure she is living in peace.

My prayers go out to her family and close friends. I don’t know what it feels like to lose a daughter, sister, or best friend but I know they need love now. They need happy reminders about what Christina meant to people.

Christina Grimmie, you are an inspiration. You had an impact on the world that many don’t and you used it for good. You were a role model. An encouragement through your voice. Someone we rooted for and saw succeed. You will be greatly missed in this world, but it’s not ‘good bye’, it’s ‘see you soon.’





Coffee Thoughts Episode 1

Hey, hey, hey! It’s my first coffee thoughts post! This is going to be series of just thoughts while sipping on coffee (though today I’m opting for tea because I’m a sick girl). So you drink enough coffee for the both of us and relax.

I think storms are the coolest. I know they promote destruction everywhere, especially in tornado alley. I used to live in Indiana and we would see a twister just swipe across in front of our car. I remember a specific time when I was younger, my dad was outside grilling. He yelled for me to take my brother and go to the bathroom because there was twister forming right over our house. This little twister was nothing though. It just stayed there. I remember coming out of the bathroom, wondering if I was done waiting and my dad told me the tornado was sleeping. It was literally hanging out right in between our house and our neighbors. One of my family’s favorite movies is Twister. We quote lines from it all the time.

When we moved to Florida it was a significant change for us. We had been living in Illinois for 7 years. Going from negative weather to almost 90 degree weather everyday was majorly different from what we were used to. But Florida offered us the most beautiful skies. I think almost every time I’m out, I stare openly at the sky. Our sunrises and sunsets are amazing here. Often times I take it for granted, but it truly is a sight to see. I guess that’s why Florida is such a vacation spot.

I don’t like the beach. I don’t like the things in the ocean or the sand. It gets everywhere, in places you don’t realize till you shower. After going in that water, your skin gets sticky and the sand sticks even more. My sister once got stung by a man-o-war. These things are evil. They wrap themselves around you and squeeze tightly, stinging your skin. I’m not sure how my sister survived, but since that incident I won’t even step in the water.

I once went surf boarding. It was a cool experience, being on the board and coasting into the shore. I was with some ladies who were teaching us. They had us sit on the board and brought us out there. Once we were in position of the waves, they pushed us out. We jumped up on the board and coasted. It was such a neat experience. I was watching myself get closer to the shore and then I realized, they never told me what to do when you get to the beach. I started panicking and jumped off, my knees landed hard and board popped up knocking me in the head. Apparently, you’re just supposed to glide into the sand. I would be the only person who had no clue about that. I had blood dripping from my knees and was terrified of Jaws being reenacted on that beach. I rushed to the shore, feeling energized about being on the surf board. We got my knees bandaged up and I wore my injury proudly. My first surfing injury. Also my only one because I’ve never got back on surf board since.

I would much prefer being in the pool, away from any fish that want to bite my toes. I recently had a conversation with a friend who also does not like the beach. We came to the conclusion we should just make the ocean into one giant pool and get rid of the sand. Then the beach would be a cool place to hang out.

I find it amazing how people can connect through stories. When we’re willing to open up and just share something about ourselves, people listen and find a connection. I’ve found that I make friends with people I never would have guessed I could connect with when I’m open. I think the fear of rejection often causes that.

Do you struggle with any fears? I feel like I have a giant pile of things I just avoid because I’m terrified of not being in control. Similar to being in the ocean. I don’t control the waves, neither can I see what’s under the surface. It’s a giant risk that you never know what may happen. It’s like all my fears in one huge body of water. The fear of the unknown, putting yourself out there is one step. But going deeper is a whole new level.

I feel like this is similar to trusting God. One part of trusting God is just letting go of the steering wheel and letting Him take over. It’s not just a simple, “here take my life” promise. It’s an action. We often quote the scripture in church, “here I am, send me” from Isaiah. We tell the congregation to make a promise, to be open to letting God have control. But we often forget the next verse.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”He said, “Go and tell this people: Isaiah 6:8-9a

Isaiah does make that commitment to the Lord, being willing to just be used by the Lord. But then God tells him “Go”. See, there’s a follow-up to the commitment. It’s not just: Oh, God I see you want me to do this, send me. And then no follow up, or listening for His response to your commitment. We need to listen to what God is telling us, the opportunities He puts in front of us that we often turn a blind eye to.

Then I said, “For how long, Lord?” And he answered: “Until the cities lie ruined and without inhabitant, until the houses are left deserted and the fields ruined and ravaged, until the Lord has sent everyone far away and the land is utterly forsaken. And though a tenth remains in the land, it will again be laid waste. But as the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land.” Isaiah 6:11-13

God asked Isaiah to “go”, then you can interpret two tones in Isaiah’s reply. One, he’s really open to whatever God has for him. That’s a nice option, but let’s just pretend Isaiah is just as much human as you and I are. More likely, he’s complaining or testing to see how long this commitment he just signed up for is. God’s answer would probably turn most of us away. If God asked you to continue being among people who you didn’t connect with, or in Isaiah’s case were unclean, would you be willing to stay as long as God asked Isaiah to? He’s asking Isaiah to stay till the cities are desolate. But this is necessary and Isaiah is being used by God to then reverse what was desolate.

The point is God often asks us to do things we’re not ready or willing to do. He asks us to stay when it seems like everyone has given up and moved on. But what He offers us is a sip of grace. He offers us the chance to see something change from a place of waste to a place of grace. It’s amazing how God works. He will let us create in ourselves desolate, but he’s always there to help us start again from the ground(s) up. Do see all my coffee motifs here? I’m trying, failing.

I didn’t plan going this deep, but I guess God did. None of that was on my mind, so probably I needed this more than you. Like I said, it’s amazing how God works.

Wishing this was coffee, rather than tea,



Late Night Blog: Wedding Bliss

Sometimes we really just need a sip of grace, I’m not just talking about coffee here either. I’m talking about a break from the drama, the craziness, normal everyday life. Other times, we need a giant gulp.

Can I be honest with you all? Okay, I don’t need to ask because I’ve been pretty open in all my other posts. I’m stressed. I’m stressed about a job, about getting married, about being married (oh, there’s a difference), about moving, about affording things, about growing up, about being independent, etc. I could go on, but I’ll stop here to avoid the on-and-on.


I’m getting married in 2 months and 19 days. It’s happening and coming close. I’m more than excited, don’t get me wrong. I love my fiancé, he’s literally become my rock, my confident, my best friend. We are mutually weird and clumsy people, which makes me love him more because I won’t be the only one sitting on a lightbulb (yeah, that hurt). He’s one of the coolest people I know, but it’s been hard.

harvey-36My fiancé, Lucas and I have been doing that whole long distance relationship thing (LDR) for over a year now. Most people would call us crazy, I’m sure many doubt us. But here’s what I know is true. We love each other, a lot. Things have not always been easy. We’ve fought about stupid things. Despite that, we’ve pushed through that with having that communication barrier. It’s not a walk in the park and I’m not saying we’re a couple to look up to. In many ways we’re not, but there is much we have overcome. Our love has grown stronger being apart, which is something we’ve probably both feared from time to time.

Lucas and I have never broke up, he’s also my longest relationship. He’s become the man I’ve always dreamed of. I’ve watched him struggle and grow stronger through those times. I’ve encouraged him in his low points and been there to cheer him on in his high points. These are things I continue to look forward to in our marriage. I love that we’re comfortable enough to tell each other what is happening. We’ve had some really raw moments together, with both our hearts are on our sleeves. I know that those moments will continue in this life we’ve chosen together.

In August we will undergo a major change in our relationship. One we will be married, that a COMPLETE change. But two, we’ll actually be seeing each other every day. This is something we have waited for a long time. We’ve had plan after plan fail on us, but it’s finally going to happen. I know this will change the dynamics and I understand this will be an adjustment. But, I feel like this is our sip of grace. We’ve waited and worked so hard for this time with each other. My fiancé is working 3 jobs! Guys, he’s so committed and amazing. Bragging here: but seriously a man who works hard for you deserves your all and I plan to do so.

I’m not such an outward romantic, meaning I’m not great at sharing my feelings. They are there, trust me they are. I’m sure at times this has been frustrating to him, but little by little I have improved. I try to remind him more often how proud I am of him, how thankful and lucky I am. I’m learning how to cheer on my future husband, this is my first cheerleading experience and I don’t completely suck. It’s taken time and I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

I’m sure we have no idea what our marriage will really be like. I know everyone has their own experience, no marriage is the same. I trust that Lucas and I will make it, I wouldn’t marry him if I didn’t think so. We have a strong background of pushing through road blocks. We’ve made mistakes, forgiven those mistakes, and loved through those mistakes. Marriage to us is not just some story book ending, but it’s a commitment to each other to love through the good and bad.

Can you tell I’m getting all sappy here? I’ve been writing my vow for the last few months, editing and tweaking it. Each time I read through it I get a rush of excitement. Don’t tell me I’m being lovey dovey and marriage is tough. Yeah, marriage is tough, but I’m going to be a newlywed! That means I have every right to act like a love sick fool. You did it too, let me have my moment. In all seriousness, no one has really said that other than the “marriage is hard”.

So yes, I’m nervous about being married and the changes of that whole process. More than anything, I’m happy and excited. This is finally a moment in my life that means more to me than getting my high school diploma, or making getting best in show for my monologue, or making it through a season of cross-country. My wedding is coming up and I’m finally ready to embrace the happiness surrounding it. Who cares if I’m crazy excited that I talk people’s ears off? I’m only getting married once and I will make the most of it.

Also, I just want to add a note of thanks to those reading my blog. Your comments and support mean everything. Thank you for joining me in my world and taking the time to do so. We all need to be surrounded by a great community, I wish the same for you. We can’t do life alone. Or without coffee.

Crave on,


Job Hunt and Depression

Hello coffee loving friends! I’ve missed writing to you, so blog away I shall. Get comfy because we have a lot of catching up to do.

I just had the most stressful past few days. They’ve passed quickly so I’m not complaining, but the struggle is real. Let me catch you up on the last few days of the life of Sara. I spent Wednesday night going to a really awesome Click at my church, similar to small group. We did bible journaling and it was so peaceful. I really enjoyed just the quiet time to sit and reflect on scripture. Honestly, I have needed this time because lately it just seems like the world continues to get louder in my ear. I need a place of peace to go to and bible journaling was that for me.

Thursday was my rough day. I work as a nanny and the woman I worked for had told me that she wasn’t going to need me much during the summer. I figured that meant like 3-4 weeks of the summer. But Thursday I found out the completely opposite, she wasn’t going to need me at all. So, essentially I received my last paycheck and now I need a job. Not like next week, like yesterday. It feels extremely stressful to be going through this all right now with my wedding coming up in just a few months. Plus the other bills I have, I just feel overwhelmed.

I’m trying my hardest to find my peace with the situation and just trust that God has everything covered. But every normal human being knows that’s not just a simple thing. Being a Christian is no simple, “God’s got it” attitude. It’s a continual fight against the thoughts of inadequacy or unworthiness. If I wasn’t a Christian, well one I would not be here right now. I’ll be bluntly honest with all of you who are taking your time to read this. I struggle with depression and I have had my suicidal lows in life. It’s a continuous battle that I face because I keep my emotions inside all the time. I bottle them up, I take them out and shame myself with my actions. It’s a constant fight inside my head. I’m just now at 21 learning how to deal with that. I’m learning to not let my shame consume me. More often I make myself feel guilty over what most people would not be guilty over. I forget to unload the dryer and someone else in my family needs to use it. I guilt myself heavily over not thinking of them or being selfish. The average person’s thoughts would not lead them in this direction, yet mine do. So I have to learn to instead: speak out what I’m thinking and then throw it away. It doesn’t suddenly become a habit after I do it once either. Depression isn’t just something that’s fixed with a counseling session. There is layers of depression, at least in my case of my past. Those past experiences become my hurdles in my fight against depression. Pray for me in all seriousness and not just a prayer that the depression would suddenly cease. But that I would have the strength to fight off my past in those moments of weakness.

This is also what causes my lack of social interaction. I’m terrified of doing someone dumb. Especially when I do something dumb, then I spend a day mulling over my actions or what people said and what I wished I did differently. People are scary to me. Maybe that’s why writing comes so much easier. I’ve just come accustomed to being the outsider. This has come even more evident as I’ve gotten older. I keep getting older but from the outside I look like I’m 16 or 17. In this case, it just seems like I’m constantly repeating my age to people. I tend to make friends easier with those younger than me because they assume I’m their age. Whereas those my age tend to walk past me, while I’m awkwardly repeating to myself, “wave or smile, or yell out your 21 or something”. It’s probably not even that big of deal, I’m making a deal out of inside my head.

Going back to the jobless issue, I’ve been applying everywhere. From gas stations, to restaurants, hotels, receptionists jobs, etc. You name it, I’ve probably applied. The stress is getting real here. But I’m trying to remain calm and just accept that I’ll get a job when the timing is right. I’ll just have to hold on my plans for a while.

On spiritual side, I just feel like this is more God talk. I feel God talk to me more through my situations than anything. I definitely know he’s speaking to me to just lean on Him. I need to focus my attention and not be drowned out by all that’s going on. I’ve to swim and keep my head afloat, focus on Him rather than the next wave coming my way. Maybe if I did that more often, I would find hit land. Does anyone else have this same struggle? If not, tell me how you do it!

Today, I really need my own cup of grace for my life. It’s been a few bumpy years and I’m excited for the years ahead. I’ve just got to prepare myself, well more like let God prepare me. That’s usually how it goes more often than that.

If you’re struggling with depression or a tough situation, know you are not alone. I didn’t really touch much on my whole situation, but everyone’s depression is different. Don’t let yourself suffer alone. For me in my low moments, I start writing “Dear God” and I just vent. Somehow, without fail, in the course of that I come out saying that I know God has a plan and purpose in my life. Depression doesn’t have to how we identify ourselves, we should identify ourselves with our strengths and remind ourselves everyday whose we are.

Saturday I took a fun trip to Ikea, which is like a secret haven for me. It’s just an exciting store. You walk in and just dream. You see every different direction you take a home. You see each individual’s unique taste. You can blend your own taste. But Ikea is just an experience. That day we were getting plants for the wedding. I got cactus, himalaya plant, and bamboo. The cacti are so cute! There’s two that look like Bob and Larry. I’m just happy about a summer project and taking care of these cute little plants.

Sip some coffee and just breathe in some fresh air, a new day is on it’s way.




P.S. I have Starbucks double stars today and have yet to cash in. Can you guess where I need to go today?

Healthy Colons and Subscription Box

Morning coffee lovers! I have beside me a regular cup o’ Joe and I’m ready to take on the world.

Just as I was walking to the coffee maker, I was thinking about coffee and world domination. As a side note, I had just woken up. I thought to myself, “coffee should take over the world.” My eyes got big in realization, watching the coffee fill the pot: Coffee already has taken over the world. Booyah!

With that said, I’ve always loved coffee. You can add different flavors, or just go plain black. You get to design your own drink, it gives people freedom. Give me creamer choices, or give me death! Personally, I love anything Caramel Macchiato, Irish Creme, or Hazelnut Latte. What’s yours?

Recently, I’ve decided to dip into the tea world and discover the power held within just a little bag. I’ve also added loose tea to the list, but have yet to invest (broke). I recently bought a tea detox, but if I’m honest I’m terrified of it.

Here’s how it works: Everyday you drink the morning skinny tea. Okay, not bad. Then every other night you drink the colon tea. YUP. You read that correctly, colon tea. The tea is supposed to support a healthy colon and doesn’t everyone want that. Of course. But the side effects are heavy and often lead to a day spent in the bathroom.

Let’s pretend everyone is honest with themselves: drinking coffee usually leads to the bathroom as well. But this colon cleanse is like ten times worse than that. I have to start it soon because I paid for it. I wish there was a way to prepare your colon for a colon cleanse.

Thank goodness for the internet. You can just go straight to google and type in: how to prepare for a colon cleanse. Unfortunately the news I found is not good. If you want to prepare best, you  need to cut down on sugars, avoid dairy and meat, drink water, and exercise. They want me to stop drinking coffee for a colon cleanse. That’s what I’m being told here.

Well, I could always limit my coffee drinking for a month. People survive without it, though usually those who stop suffer caffeine withdraw. I’ll be fine, I hope. Maybe I could have more coffee if I drink it black. As my friend would say, “it’s water”.

I could always switch over to green tea. It’s healthier and supposedly has the same effect. But breaking up with my coffee mug is hurting my heart a little. Is a healthy colon that important? I guess that’s a decision I need to make. Pray for me and wise decisions on this journey.

Today, I’m supposed to go back for an eye exam. This is just to see how my contacts are looking, it will probably take a few minutes. But I don’t want to go. I haven’t finished my coffee, so time to sip away. I ended up going anyways because I really like the eye doctor.

I recently paid for a subscription box: Sightbox. This subscription box is different than most because it functions in the place of insurance. I have an individual insurance plan right now and it doesn’t include eye care. My eye glass prescription needed to be updated and I’m getting married and wanted contacts. What Sightbox does is they set up the appointment with an eye doctor near you. You pay them a $39 fee first and it acts as a start of a payment plan. You go to the appointment, get the exam and the doctor sends them the prescription. Sightbox gives you option to decide how often you want your contacts. Based on that, you pay a monthly fee and your contacts are shipped through them.

I spoke with the doctor’s office and asked them how Sightbox was to them. They said that Sightbox was very kind and explained everything to them. It was so good to hear that because I honestly felt like a cheap person. I was glad to hear they received good service as well. I’m pleasantly happy with Sightbox and can see myself continuing to use them.

Does anyone else have a fan that turns hot things cold? My once hot cup o’ Joe is now like iced coffee. Oh well, it’s still delicious. Sipping on, it’s Wednesday which means we’re stuck in the middle. Wednesday’s are always weird for me. I normally have off work, which mean I sit around and I’m unsure of what to do.

What do normal people do on their days of? I consider going back to bed several times. Or I decide to read through an entire series of books. Just depends what my homebody self feels up to. Today was unusual because of the eye doctor appointment, but normally it’s a pretty lazy day. Especially with school being out, I don’t have much to be done.

I think if next Wednesday I have off again it will be fair time to go to Disney again. Even though last week I was at Disney. Pretty much every day is a good day to be at Disney. It’s raining? Disney day. It’s hot out? Disney day. I mean, why not go to most magical place on Earth? If you have never been, it turns even the oldest adults into big kids.

I love coffee time, but the real world calls us. So enjoy those last few sips and tread on through the rest of your day.

Coffee Addict,



Doctors and Rain Survival

Hello! I’m writing my first post for this blog and I’m energized on a Caramel Macchiato. What’s in your cup?

After drinking half my cup of coffee and having a long day (doctor appointment, driving in the rain, working), I feel ready to blog my fingers away. Take your sip, or gulp, of coffee and snuggle up because it’s time to have Coffee Talk (Cue Zayn’s Pillow Talk here).

Going to the doctor’s office has always been a fear of mine. I HATE HATE HATE needles. Bring them near me and I will probably scream and run the other way, not afraid that I’m acting like a five year old. Those needles hurt the innocent children and they are not my friends.

In all seriousness, it’s not that bad. I survived my appointment and actually liked my doctor. I felt like I met a friend, rather than my doctor. She also gave me great news, that I had been dreading. The Pap Smear guidelines have changed and you no longer have to get one until your 25. If your medical history may suggest you need it earlier, they may ask you to get it done before 25. But for now, I’m in the clear and no awkward situations until 3 more years.

The other good news I learned was that because I got my Gardasil shot several years ago, I’m more protected and that was even further reason to not take the test till I’m 25. I think it was a year or so that everyone was freaking out about the Gardasil shot. But, I’ve turned out fine and I’m thankful the shot contributed to not having to get that Pap Smear. I really am terrified of anything a doctor wants to “check”.

The main reason for this visit, just being completely honest here, is I’m getting married in 89 days. Thus, contraceptive was important and I wanted to be sure I got everything ready for that. No babies for my future hubby and I for now (we’re both in college/broke). The whole birth control medication sounds pretty simple: take it everyday, if you’re sick have extra protection, etc. I didn’t expect so much sex talk, which is awkward but that’s part of growing up. You talk about THAT kind of thing.

Now that we’ve got really personal, I can talk about the rain. I love the rain on normal days: when I’m at home, on a hot day, etc. I do not like the rain when my AC in my car is broken. As a Florida resident, this is everyone’s worse nightmare. Summer is here and my AC doesn’t even blow air. How does one live? I’ve considered moving to Alaska, but then took a sip of some coffee and could think rational again.

Today I drove for over an hour, enclosed in a hot car, sweating and sticking to my seat. Since, you already know me pretty well I’ll give you a clue: I hate sweat. Feeling sticky sickens me. I get frustrated easily and I turn into the stubborn red head. After leaving the doctors office (feeling broke), I had to go sit in the car loop. There I continued to sweat while trying to enjoy a Publix sub. The Pub Sub made the experience better, but inside I was a stomping my feet at the situation. I really just wanted to stand outside in the rain and use it as a temporary shower. But I was pretty certain the other parents in the car loop would assume I was crazy and call the cops. Or take pictures and send it to Fox News. Either way, not good for my social status.

In the end, I made it through the day and home where I could freshen up. I felt a trillion times better. It amazes how a shower and fresh scent can change my perspective on a day.

Having my coffee next to me, which is now completely finished, and being able to end the day on the good note blogging to my new friends makes the day even greater. I’ll be one happy person when my AC gets fixed too.

Refill Please,