3 Reasons Why We Don’t Listen to Wisdom

We have a naturally hardened heart towards being told to change. A boss tells their employee that if they don’t learn a new system, they’ll be fired but pride gets in their way and they continue the old system. We like our old habits, we resist change. Wisdom often requires a change. Whether that be through action or thought, we have to change our ways. … More 3 Reasons Why We Don’t Listen to Wisdom


One of the things I looked forward to most was sharing my vow with my husband. Vows can have a lasting impact on a marriage. After all, when couples plan another wedding it’s usually to renew their vows, to dedicate themselves to their marriage once again. … More A BRIDE’S VOW

Posture Dictates Relationship

Sometimes I can be very good at pushing everyone away. On the same grounds, I think it is easy to push people away. We are in a culture that says “if someone is not trying, then they do not deserve you.” I think that has it’s time and purpose, but if we apply it to everything we would see relationships cease to exist. Everyone has good and bad days, weeks, months, and even years. No one is perfect, but that does not mean just because someone stops saying hi to us every time we pass them or the relationship is not how it once was that you have to end the relationship. It takes one person to change a relationship. … More Posture Dictates Relationship